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Greenleaf Primary School & Nursery

Nursery Fun

(videos to help your child)

Story Videos are further down!!  Keep Scrolling!




Bread Recipe

My Feelings

3 Poems about Feelings

Relaxing Video Activity

Ruby's Worry

The Invisible String

 Understanding the World 

Explorers and Investigators!



Doctor Story activity

Exploring Ice Outside

Caring for my Plant

What equipment does Vet Mike need?


Brushing my Teeth Song

5-A-Day Song CBeebies

Healthy Choices Activity Video

Activity Videos and Ideas

Mark-making in shaving foam

Exploring cornflour with tools (see ps video at top)

Water play with brushes + bubbles..

Exploring Ice

Exploring with brushes and water

Exploring Sand

Ice Play Video

Bubble Activity

Simple Playdough Recipe

Toilet roll pet idea

Toilet Roll Pet Activity Video


Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

3 Little Pigs Song

I've Got A Body

Where Are Your..?

Mouth Gym

People Who Help Us Song

5 Cheeky Monkeys

Who Will Care For My Sick Pet Song

Goldfish Song

I Can See Apples-Counting Song

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Travelling Song

Wheels on the Bus

5 Little Starfish Song

Mini Beast Songs 1

Mini beast Songs 2

Little Green Frog Action song

Down in the Jungle

I Want To Live In A Big Jungle

1 Elephant began to play

If You Want To Be A....?

SINGING-Dingle Dangle Scarecrow/Grandpa's farm

SINGING-5 Little Ducks/Sleeping Bunnies

SINGING - The Ducks on the farm/ Driving on my Tractor

Spring Songs Sing-a-long 1

Spring Songs Sing-a-long 2

Singing Time

Movers and Shakers -Let's get Moving and  Dancing!

Shake Your Sillies

Freeze Dance

Bear Hunt

Walk Like a Camel

Elephants Have Wrinkles

Nursery Dance..(PJ)

Number Nuts- Supporting Early Maths




Number Play Activity

Shape Game

Storytime Videos   

Osebo's Drum

Handa's Surprise

Ouch! I Need A Plaster

Alan's Big Scary Teeth

 + Days of the Week song



Caring for Living Things

Guinea Pig's Vitamins

Looking After Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig Parsley Race

Looking after Guinea Pig's teeth

Guinea Pig's Breakfast Time

Kelly's Guinea Pigs