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Greenleaf Primary School

Greenleaf Primary

Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School Life at Greenleaf Primary School


Year 3 

Summer Term

Well done to both year 3 classes on another wonderful term. It has been packed full of learning, challenge and lots and lots of fun.


This term, we will be exploring the charcters in Charlotte`s Web and will be using the books themes of friendship and perseverance to inspire our story writing. 


We will be really focusing on problem solving throughout the term and will be reviewing our place value knowledge, fractions, addition and subtraction and multiplication and division. The children are really enjoying the challenge of `Greenleaf Goes for Gold` and are developing their times tables knowledge. Please continue to work on Number Gym. 


This term, we will be learning about plants and how they grow. We will be visiting the allotment and investigating which plants grow in the summer. We will also be looking at parts of plants and carrying out a number of experiments to find out more about how plants grown. 


The Arts

This term, we will be continuing to work on our whole class recorder playing and will begin to read music for the recorder. We will also be composing pieces in groups using a variety of instruments. In the visual Arts, we will be focusing on observational drawings and will be taking our sketch books outdoors.


Spring Term

Happy New Year! We hope you are all ready for a new, exciting term in year 3. We have a busy term ahead with Book Week and the year 3 production of `The Iron Man`.


This term, we will be using `The Iron Man` by Ted Hughes to improve our descriptive writing and to provide a starting point for our persuasive writing. We will be using our debating skills to develop our persuasive language and to expand our vocabulary. In addition, we will writing scripts for our own animations which will be featured in our year 3 show.



In maths, we will continue to focus on using number; especially deepening our understanding of addition and subtraction and using both mental and written methods. There will also be a large focus on reading and using time accurately, as well as solving money problems using decimal notation for pounds and pence.


In Science, we will be exploring how sound is made. We will learn how the ear works to hear different sounds. In the second half term, we will focus on forces and magnets and will build on work from KS1 on pushes and pulls. In both topics, we will be developing our knowledge of working scientifically. For example, setting up simple practical enquiries, comparative and fair tests.


 The Romans

We will be learning all about life as a Roman and their impact on life in Britain. We will explore invading and settling, Celtic life,  famous Romans and Celts such as Caesar and Boudicca, as well as the impact of the Romans on Britain. 


The Arts

We will be immersing ourselves in our Year 3 production of `The Iron Man` throughout all areas of the Arts. In music, both classes will be learning to play the steel pans as well as learning a range of instruments and songs for the show. In visual art, we will be painting scenery, making props and making costumes. In drama, we will be focusing on readers theatre, using our voices to create powerful scenes for our show. In dance, we will be using our movement to create scenes from `The Iron Man`. Finally, we will be writing scripts to create our very own animations. A very exciting term ahead! 


Dates for your Diary

Thursday 23rd February - Parents Evening

Year 3 show:

Tuesday 28th March - Evening Performance

Wednesday 29th March - Afternoon Performance 






Autumn Term

Welcome back to a new half term!

Thank you for all the wonderful homework all about `The Stone Age`. We have had all sorts of homework from models of Stonehenge to detailed books all about life in the stone age. We can see that lots of effort has gone into this work - well done year 3!


This half term we will begin our new class book all about the journey of a pebble, relating to our history and science topics. We will be using this to gain information that will allow us to write a variety of instructions. We will be looking at the features of instructions and will be writing instructions on how to make a volcanic eruption and how to live like a caveman. We will then move on to writing narrative stories, developing our description of settings and characters. Finally, we will be exploring poetry through performing a range of poetry and writing our own riddles.

There will continue to be a large focus on spelling and children will continue to develop their dictionary skills to support this. Please continue to work on spelling at home.



This half term we will continue to develop our times tables knowledge. Please continue to work on the 3, 4 and 8 times tables at home. We will also be exploring doubling and halving two and three digit numbers, perimeter and properties of shape, finding fractions of shapes and numbers, adding fractions, equivalent fractions and giving directions using 90 degree, 180 degree and 360 degree turns.

As always, we will continue to explore all these topics alongside the four operations ( adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) within word problems and investigations.


The Stone Age

We will be exploring the Stone Age within all areas of the curriculum from looking at different types of rocks in Science to creating cave paintings under our tables in Art. We will be exploring life during the Stone Age in History and will look at the evidence still around today that allows us to find out about the past. 



Another busy half term! We will finish on Wednesday 21st December at 2:15pm.

 Dates for the Diary:

Thursday 24th November - 3LG Class assembly at 10am 

Tuesday 29th November - Suntrap